UChicago CS Student Resource Guide

This resource guide is intended for students taking Computer Science classes at the University of Chicago. Please note that it is not meant to be a normative guide for all CS classes (unless your instructor has explicitly pointed you to this guide).

This guide is divided into the following sections:

  • Software Environment: Information about the Linux software environment provided by the CS department, and which you will be using in most of your classes. This section includes instructions on how to access this environment, including when working off-campus.

  • Visual Studio Code: Instructions on how to use Visual Studio Code, a popular code editor.

  • Tutorials: A couple of useful tutorials covering certain tools and skills you may need in your classes.

  • Getting Help in Your Classes: Tips and suggestions on how to get help in your classes.

  • Style Guides: Style guides you may be required to follow in your programming assignments.

  • Other Resources: Other useful resources.

  • About This Guide: Information about the guide itself, including how to get assistance or suggest changes/improvements.