Getting Help

If you need any assistance with any of the instructions or tutorials in this guide, please use one of the following support mechanisms:

  • If you were referred to this guide by the course staff of a class you are taking: Please use the support mechanisms provided in that class. For example, if the instructor for a class you’re taking has instructed you to work through the Git Basics tutorial, and you run into any issues while doing so, so should use whatever support mechanisms are available in that class (online discussion board, office hours, etc.) to get assistance with that issue.

  • If you are working through this guide on your own: You are welcome to seek support through the following channels:

    • UChicago CS Slack: You can ask questions about the guide on the #student-resource-guide channel. If you are not on the UChicago CS Slack, you can join using this link: The sign up form will ask you to provide a address. If you have ever registered for a CS class, you actually have a e-mail address that, by default, will forward to your UChicago e-mail. If you have never registered for a CS account, but you have a UChicago CNetID, please request a CS account first.

    • UChicago CS Discord: You can ask questions about the guide on the #student-resource-guide channel. If you are not on the UChicago CS Discord, you can use the following invite link: Please note that, when you join the Discord server, you will have limited access to the server until you perform an authentication step with your CNetID (when you join the server, a bot will provide further instructions on how to do so). Once you have authenticated, you must go to the #roles channel to obtain the “Student Resource Guide” role (so you can have access to the #student-resource-guide channel)

Please note that all of the above support mechanisms are for University of Chicago students, staff, and faculty only. If you are unaffiliated with the University of Chicago, you will not be able to access our Slack or Discord server.