University of Chicago Programming Languages Reading Group


Reading Group is on hiatus for the Spring 2017 term, in part because of topic overlap with the currently running Program Synthesis Seminar. The PLRG should resume Fall 2017.

To suggest a paper for the future, open an issue on the Github page. We’ll close the issue when we schedule the paper.

Past Terms

Winter 2017

For the Winter 2017 term, we met on Fridays, 11:30–12:30pm in Ryerson 277.

Date Paper Leader
2017–1–13 Polymorphism, Subtyping, and Type Inference in MLsub (POPL ’17) (ICFP ’15 Video) Brian
2017–1–20 Compiling Without Continuations (In submission) Kavon
2017–1–27 Learning Refinement Types (ICFP ’15) (Video) Brian
2017–2–03 Refinement Reflection (or, how to turn your favorite language into a proof assistant using SMT) (draft) Brian
2017–2–17 Language primitives and type discipline for structured communication-based programming (ESOP ’98) Brian
2017–2–24 Programming with Algebraic Effects and Handlers Joe
2017–3–17 Retrofitting Linear Types (In submission) Joe

Fall 2016

For the Fall 2016 term, we met on Fridays, 12:30pm–1:30pm in Ryerson 276.

Date Paper Leader
2016–10–14 Semi-Automated SVG Programming via Direct Manipulation Brian
2016–10–21 Automatic Generation of Peephole Superoptimizers Kavon
2016–10–28 Dag-Calculus: A Calculus for Parallel Computation Kavon
2016–11–04 A correspondence between rooted planar maps and normal planar lambda terms Joe


The Programming Languages Reading Group, part of PL research at UChicago, is an occasional, informal meeting to discuss interesting PL papers. Food is provided. Visitors welcome!

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